It is time to look back and connect!


Practising Sustainability

One day at a time!


 Save Water               Recycle
Green Energy             Plant Trees
Alternate Transport      Save Electricity
Think Wellness            Built Community

Change your food habit

Turn vegetarian/Vegan

Track your performance

Why Sense and Sustainability?

How does it feel to be human when we realise the narrative we believe in so far is dystopian? 
The mounting ecological, social, cultural and economic problem makes us either numb or overwhelmed.


How do we create a sustainable world for us and for our children? What can we do within our capacity and beyond? 

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when the problem is so BIG! But being inactive is no solution either.


I believe, every small step we take matter! Small is beautiful indeed! It is about practising sustainability one day at a time!
A mundane activity like, how I dry my clothes to how I buy vegetables, how I carry them home, and how I cook them or what I do with the waste are mindful and responsible actions towards a sustainable world.


It is simply our common sense that guides us. It is the common sense that guided indigenous people how to live life in harmony. 
We are forgetting the traditional wisdom and embracing mechanical urban life. In the process, we are losing connection with each other and with the mother earth.


My inquiry starts from the core and moves on to the peripheral, me to us, us to the wider world, keep me think deeper, curious, reflective and awake.
How to sustain a balance between our inner and outer world? How do we care for the people and the planet? How can we achieve a balance between work and life? How can we simultaneously feel Freedom and connection?


Do we believe in the sacred philosophies, that we are all interconnected, and we are part of the whole, and we all share a cosmic relation? How do we nurture the relations?
How can we make our human experience more joyful? 

I guess these are eternal quest we all have as a human. We try to make the world a better place in our unique way!


Sense and Sustainability talk about Sustainability from a different perspective from everyday practice to bigger movement and eventual change.

It is a space for sharing stories, wisdom, knowledge and practice. A space to include different voices in the main question of Sustainability.

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