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Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Cyanotype is an old photographic technique, which is also known as blue print and was extensively used by Architects once.

I have done a series of cyanotype of vintage pin-ups for an exhibition in Maritime Museum in Ærø in Denmark. As a daughter of a Marine Engineer and a Naval officer, I knew a bit about a sailor's life in a long voyage.

Along with the letters, photos of near and dear ones, Pin-ups were integral part of a Sailors life!

I am passionate about doing things by hand and reviving old techniques. Sustaining old crafts and culture is something I am passionate about and did it for many years.

Recently cyanotype is quite popular as an Alternative photography technique.

The development process depends on the UV ray of a particular day and it is always surprising what intensity of Blue /Cyan one can get.

My favourite is the one above. It was a windy day in Copenhagen and I was developing my Cyanotype in the Balcony of my Apartment. The Sudden blow of wind shift the plate and gave a double impression. With time I learn to appreciate the mistakes and irregularities a human hand is capable of, no machine can match that surprising elements.

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